This is intended as a place to list any music that you think might work as inspiration for Cogs. This can be music you think would be fitting as the soundtrack, music that could inspire as part of the broader steampunk genre in general, or simply music that fits the emotional or artistic "feel" that Cogs is going for. Feel free to add links or commentary.


The Amelie Soundtrack by Vann Tierson (actually, anything by Vann Tierson)
The Arcanum Soundtrack
American McGee's Alice

Accordion Rock

blackbird Raum - MySpace, Official Site Despite the rather grating vocals this band has sometimes, I especially like the song "Honey in the Hair" — it catches both the dystopian feel, and the revolutionary feel.

Dead Man Street Orchestra - MySpace Often slides a bit too far into the 20th century, but there are some Steampunkish tracks here. "Suicide", for example, might work.

Magpie Killjoy - More grating vocals, but luckily most songs are available in instrumental versions too. The trade-off is that I miss some of the lyrics. Many bittersweet or just plain bitter accordion pieces here, though, and all available for free here.. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.) "Oh Sweet Oblivion" is my favorite of the instrumental versions. "Lady Lazarus" is probably my favorite of the vocals. (Apparently there's a new demo out: I was referring here to the '06 demo).

The Curse is Cast - MySpace Similar to blackbird Raum (I think there was some crossover between members), but without so much gargling in the vocals (still with the ensemble singing, though). Try "Cast of Ash".

Rasputina - MySpace As with many on this list, Rasputina is a mixed bag. *Sometimes* they're really cool steampunky goodness, but *sometimes* they seem to be a goth version of the Dixie Chicks. Which side prevails in the end? You be the judge. "Thimble Island" seems like a good track to start with.

The Clockwork Quartet - Official Site Unlike so many of the self-ascribed "steampunk" bands currently enjoying popularity, the Clockwork Quartet manage to both look and sound steampunk. Notable facets of their music include typewriter percussion, a Stroh violin, and quite lovely male vocals singing lyrics about suitably dark topics like murder by pocketwatch. The only fault I can find with them is a scarcity of material—two songs are available for free download on their site, and more are being recorded at present.

Unextraordinary Gentlemen - MySpace - Not a perfect choice, but worth a listen: I think the best way to describe it is "1887 meets 1987." Shows promise, but not going to be everyone's taste (I'm not even sure it's mine).

Dandelion Junk Queens -Official Site - Belongs in the same general genre as Blackbird Raum, but with more accessible vocalizations. I like their second album, situated on the right side of the page there, a bit better than the first.

Madame Flod - MySpace - (Mostly instrumental, this is a fairly good example of what I (Michael) think of when I crave music that sounds like steampunk. Not that they call themselves steampunk, mind, but the sound definitely fits the bill.

Indie Bands

Note: Okay, so most "Accordian Rock" bands technically fit into the "Indie" category. But you know what I mean. There's Independent Music, the technically correct but uninformative word, and Independent Music, the genre that manages to grandfather Radiohead in and where everyone still seems to listen to the same bands. This is the latter.

Bell Orchestre
The Decemberists
Arcade Fire
The Black Heart Procession
Neutral Milk Hotel
Murder By Death


Warsaw Village Band
Gogol Bordello


All of these styles achieved popularity during the mid to late 1800s, and they were all intended for the middle to lower class population, who would certainly be the titular "punks" of the genre.

Single Tracks

For individual songs by otherwise not-so-steampunk artists.

Combining the music of the nineteenth and 20th centuries, this may be the most steam-punk music video ever.

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