The study of fluids in motion. Commonly dealing with the properties and studies of water and water vapor. The applications of which are call Applied Hydrodynamics.

For the most part there are very few Hydrodynamic Specialists. This is due in part to the exacting nature of purely scientific work and the discipline required to produce accurate and reliable results. In larger part though, the lack of specialists can be traced to massive profits gained by specialists of Applied Hydrodynamics and more recently the tendency for specialists of both fields to be drafted for the war effort. This has caused most schools specializing in Hydrodynamics and sub fields to look else where for tuition money and cease the teaching of Hydrodynamic studies.

State sponsored schools, however, are unaffected by this trend and many are required to turn out a certain quota of specialists in both fields. It should be noted the state requests a higher number of specialists in the applied sciences. State schools are not necessarily the first choice of many due to the mandatory military service requirement of graduates, recent rules changes regarding minimum length of service and tendency for military command to place degreed graduates in front line infantry units. This could be due to the quality of graduates as a result of high quotas as much as military mismanagement.

In the past, hydrodynamics has been a highly respected study. It is accredited with paving the way of our current technological prosperity. Hydrodynamics and steam power brought automation to the masses, and the masses have embraced it. For more on this see Applied Hydrodynamics.

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