Dr. Edouard Brandon

Edouard Brandon was the son of a Parisian ballet dancer and a British Army Officer. He obtained his degree and doctorate from Oxford University at the age of 25, in Chemistry. He was under the employ of the biochemical company Johnson & Johansson for three years before he was offered a position on staff at Jordan College. After teaching there for five years, he moved on to teach at the prestigious and fairly recently formed Tesla University of Applied and Theoretical Science. He’s never married.
Dr. Brandon never met Emily while she was working for J&J, he had only heard of her work and saw her results. He did meet Nigel while teaching with him at Jordan. After inquiring after Emily, Nigel invited him over for dinner. On that spring afternoon, Evelyn first laid eyes on our dear Dr. Brandon. After that visit, he did indeed return, but only a handful of times. He was not as frequent a guest as others, but he became a dear friend of Evelyn’s parents. He rarely saw Evelyn herself, indeed Evelyn saw to it that he saw as little of her as possible.
Evelyn enrolled at Tesla University when she was just 18. She hadn’t forgotten Dr. Brandon, but she didn’t come to Tesla for him. Certainly she kept him in the back of her mind, but her first love was science. She spent the first three years avoiding Dr. Brandon completely. In the fall of her 22nd year, she approached Dr. Brandon outside of school. He did not know who she was. They began to talk about his work and other important scientific advances of the times and soon they were meeting every week or so to discuss science.
When he eventually found out who she was his feelings were too deep for him to walk away. After all, she had never been his student and he had no remembrance of her as a child. In the spring, they became lovers. They always met in secret and always had alibis in place should suspicion arise. They went about everything as carefully as scientists. They hid so well, even the government agents trailing Evelyn did not discover their secret, or perhaps others helped to keep it. Others Evelyn and Edouard did not even know about.
Spring of Evelyn’s 22 year, just months from obtaining her doctorate, she went missing for four days. Not really noticeable to everyone else, considering scientists were known for such self-confinement, but noticeable to Dr. Brandon. When Evelyn returned to school from the attempted brainwashing, she knew she was being watched. From then until her mysterious disappearance a few weeks from graduating, she avoided Dr. Brandon. Evelyn has not seen him since.

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