Dr. Evelyn Higgenbotham
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= Dr. Evelyn Higgenbotham

Born: 30 April, 1871
Occupation: Scientist
Nationality: British
Height: 5' 9"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Dark Green

Player: Bekka
Concept: Mad Scientist
Issue: Am I crazy, or genius?
Edge: Madness
Connection: Professor Emeritus
of Mohammedan Heathenism Studies
Dr. Benjamin Lisney
(to be played by Sir Derek Jacobi)
Season 1 Screen Presence:1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3
Season 2 Screen Presence:3 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 2

First Appearance: Pilot

Early Life

Evelyn Higgenbotham was born on April 30th to proud parents Nigel and Emily (Waltham) in a small village in Derbyshire. Nigel, or rather, Dr. Higgenbotham, was a professor of Physics at Jordan College in Oxford. His wife, Emily, was herself a brilliant botanist. She was so brilliant, that she was given a team of students to study under her and help her with research, even though she herself was not a professor. Emily worked for a biochemical corporation, Johnson & Johansson.
It did not take the Higgenbothams long to discover that their little Evelyn was much like themselves. At the age of three, she had already been reading for several months. She knew simple chemical compounds by the time she learned colors. At five, she took apart all her toys and made them better, if not stranger. She was already helping her mother with botany and her father with his strange kinetic machines and contraptions. At ten, she began to co-write academic papers with her parents under the pseudonym Sinclair P. Reuther (P stands for Percy). It still remains a family secret.
Evelyn met and had many conversations with the top men in scientific fields as her parents would have many important guests over. It was at her D-shire home where she first met Dr. Edouard Brandon. He was 30, she was eleven, and she fell in love. Where all the other Professors and Scientists would let her sit on their knee when discussing subjects with her and her parents and would give her candy, she would never sit on Dr. Brandon’s lap and would never take candy from him. He never offered, but she would have refused. In fact, she would hide, watching and listening to him as he spoke with her parents. She did everything she could to distance herself from Dr. Brandon, for she knew this distance would be crucial later in life.
Sometime after her fourteenth birthday, she passed the exams to enter college. She attended Jordan College and graduated in three years. At eighteen, she knew her real dream was to pursue SCIENCE!. She attended the Tesla University of Applied and Theoretical Science, the most exclusive and cutting edge school for the Sciences. Incidentally, Tesla U was the school that Dr. Brandon taught at.
Evelyn was ahead in all her classes, which caught the attention of the government. While attending Tesla University, she mingled with the brightest (and sometimes radical) minds, in particular, a young man by the name of Raul Renard. Raul was a radical and unbeknownst to him, was being watched. Evelyn and Raul, himself a student of only moderate talent, had many conversations about the government and the war and eventually, Evelyn began to listen to him. Or so the government thought. They couldn’t have such a prize genius as Evelyn working against them. They decided to intervene.
Evelyn was taken to a facility for “re-education” to ensure her loyalty. They tried to psychologically alter her to be a perfect government resource. It backfired. It’s unsure if it was due to a botched procedure, some outside influence, or if Evelyn was just stronger than them, but their brain washing failed. They released her back to school thinking they were successful, but something had happened to Evelyn’s brain. The procedure broke her mind, but she was able to salvage the pieces and put them back together. But, just as her toys, they were warped. She saw the world differently. Instead of crippling her, it opened her eyes to things she never dreamed possible.
Shortly after her “re-education,” Evelyn’s grades began to drop. She would miss class, her papers would be filled with nonsense, and she began to heckle her professors. Within four weeks of graduating and obtaining her doctorate, she left without a word.
Confused as to how their prodigy had escaped their watch, the government has been searching for her all over. Along with the government, others have been searching for her. People who desperately need to get into contact with her.

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