The area formerly known as Coventry was absorbed into the European Enlightenment's capital megalopolis, Mechanus, shortly after the urban sprawl overtook London in the 1860s. Like most native residents whose home is acculturated by the Enlightenment, the citizens of Coventry were largely resistant to the name change, and the updated location markers were vandalized by night as soon as they were installed. As a general rule, vandals and demonstrators were to be shot on sight, but more always stepped forward to take the place of those killed by steam guards.

Eventually the Enlightenment realized that having to correct its personnel every time they mentioned the place was inefficient considering its status as the manufacturing hub of the western world, and recognized Coventry as a borough within Mechanus. They also built the Glorious and Sublime Museum of Transportation there, to commemorate the marvelous advances made by the inventors and mechanics of Coventry.

The borough was also home to Elwyn Airships, Wankel & Riobard's, Pavel Baronov's illicit import-export operation, and Catherine Rosser's laboratory, before an unfortunate accident forced her to relocate. Coventry is the stop of choice for airships in need of repair, and the Enlightenment routes any damaged equipment (including autogyros disabled in combat) through Coventry's thriving and competitive repair ward.

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