Episode 1.8

And now, Cogs.

EXT.  Mechanus.  As the Aether hovers in the air overhead, Capt. Sparling steps off of the rope ladder just outside the entrance to Pavel's warehouse.

…or, rather, what's left of Pavel's warehouse.  Everything has been demolished; it's just half a scorched wall with a door, and beyond that, a blackened crater.  There are the few remnants of crates and some smoldering skeletal remains.  Also, a half-melted empty bottle of vodka.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling surveys the wreckage, her shoulders drooping along with her countenance.

Newton Falk: Newton checks the mirrors from the helm, swiveling them around to watch all the approaches for pursuit.

Genevieve Sparling: Hoping to make this trip more productive than depressing, Sparling halfheartedly searches the charred pit for anything useful or informative.

Michael Harrel: There's nothing here of worth any more.

Genevieve Sparling: With a sigh, Sparling climbs back up the rope ladder.

Michael Harrel: "Find anything, Captain?" says Felix from the navigator's chair.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling's voice is weak, though she keeps her expression steady. "A large amount of nothing, Felix." To Newton, "Get us out of here, Mr. Falk."

Newton Falk: "Aye, Capt."

Michael Harrel: Newton wastes no time in getting them the hell out of Mechanus.

INT.  Dr. Higgenbotham's lab.  Rosser has taken Daniel's place in Evelyn's restraints.  Evelyn is working at something on her workbench.  The door swings open and Sparling enters.

Genevieve Sparling: "Any progress on our patient, Doctor?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Not before, but your interruption has just given me a breakthrough." Evelyn gets up clearly annoyed. It's uncertain if it's at the Captain or something else.

Genevieve Sparling: "Right, well. Happy to… be of service." Sparling is too despondent to riposte effectively; she leans against the doorjamb and regards Rosser thoughtfully.

Michael Harrel: Rosser stares back at Sparling, her eyes almost apologetic. "I feel sorry for you, old friend.  Unless you submit to the Enlightenment, you will never know the true happiness I have found."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling keeps her gaze level. "My friend, that true happiness came at the cost of turning your mind into the grey matter equivalent of the hole in the ground that used to be Pavel's warehouse. I'd rather be free and miserable for the rest of my life."

Michael Harrel: "Pavel's warehouse?  Is he all right?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Why should we tell you? So you can report his status?" Evelyn turns her attention back to her desk in disgust.

Genevieve Sparling: "I haven't the foggiest idea," Sparling replies. "But if he's alive, I'll find him."

Michael Harrel: "Good.  I didn't want him to be hurt.  Or you, of course.  I just want you both to be happy.  Like I am."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn snorts at this. An angry snort.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling turns to Evelyn. "Doctor Higgenbotham," she says, "until you find a way to reverse the damage done by the Enlightenment, could you perhaps deactivate her vocal cords? This prattle grows tiresome."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn perks up, "I'll try my best, Captain," she even salutes. It's not correct, but she salutes anyhow. "Words cannot express how much I loathe this one," she points to Rosser, "and with every one of her words, it deepens."

Genevieve Sparling: "Before you do anything rash, Doctor, keep in mind that she's not herself. I dare say a few years ago you two would have gotten on rather well."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "It's what she is now that matters," Evelyn is seething a bit.

Genevieve Sparling: "Too right, Doctor." Sparling turns to go. "We'll be landing outside Jordan College in just over an hour."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "What?" Evelyn's face drains.

Genevieve Sparling: "Is there a problem, Doctor?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Why didn't anyone tell me we're going here. I would have stopped it… I ::crazed mumbling::… impossible… ::more crazed mumbling::… grave danger… salad spinner…" She seems to be decending again.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling stares, but doesn't have the energy to question Higgenbotham's reaction. "You needn't leave the ship, Doctor. I have business that can only be conducted at Jordan; we won't stay long."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn doesn't look like she's going to say anything else that will make sense. She can't seem to get words out.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling considers the wisdom of leaving an incoherent Higgenbotham alone with Rosser, but ultimately decides no worse harm can be done. To either of them. She goes to the bridge.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: She picks up an empty beaker and hurls it at the door after the Captain. It breaks like normal beakers do.

Newton Falk: "Capt. on the bridge."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling slumps into the chair near the speaking tube station. "How are the winds, Mr. Falk?"

Newton Falk: "Calm.  I hate it."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling takes the envelope out of her waistcoat pocket and smooths out some of the wrinkles in its paper, then considers it under the lights of the bridge. "Always just before a storm," she murmurs distantly.

Newton Falk: "Storms I can handle… it's the waiting that's going to kill me."  Newton is frequently checking and adjusting the mirrors.

Genevieve Sparling: "Hm." Sparling smiles, just a little. "Won't have to wait much longer, I think."

Newton Falk: Newton looks over, then checks the rear facing mirror.  Seeing no pursuit, he lets go a frustrated sigh.

CUT TO: Jordan College, in New Oxford.  The college is a steampunk fanboy's wetdream; everything seems to be automated and to run on hydrodynamic power.  There are single-passenger heliothopters, spider-legged pushcarts, and one or two buildings on treads moving about the campus for some reason.  Uplifted hydrorg steamonetic apes and ape/dog hybrids do most of the janitorial work.

A few dolphins move around in portable aquariums.

The Aether docks on a hovering platform that attaches to the main building via a walkway.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling walks down the Aether's gangplank.

Newton Falk: "Keep her ready to go, Felix.  I got a bad feeling about the Captain heading down there without someone watching her back."

Michael Harrel: "Well, if we need a distraction, we can just let the werewolf out for a bit."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn does not leave the gangplank. No one sees her leave, but a woman who no one has seen before leaves the cargo bay. She looks boring and unremarkable. She is most certainly not wearing the following things: A lab coat, a bird mask, safety goggles, or chemical burns. She is wearing a plain dress and a dull hat. She may or may not be wearing a tweed coat with suede elbow patches. Just like everyone else.

Luka Arlexi: Luka exits the ship as well, with Daniel in tow.

Newton Falk: Newton gives Luka a quizzical look.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling eyes Luka and Daniel. "Wherever you're off to, be careful."

Luka Arlexi: "Yes, Captain." She seems sincere about this, if nervous. Given that she has many reasons to be nervous, it doesn't seem out of place. Luka smiles weakly. This is out of place.

Michael Harrel: They all split up.  We shall follow Luka first. There is a steam-powered map in the main foyer as Luka and Daniel enter the building.  It is unclear as to why the map needs steam power, or any other kind of power for that matter, but, well, there it is.

Luka Arlexi: Luka would be more fascinated by this if she weren't trying not to look around everywhere like she shouldn't be there. "Do you think this one will have  what you need?" she asks Daniel, indictating a small lab room on the map.

Michael Harrel: Daniel, too, would be more fascinated by this if he weren't trying to not freak out and turn into a werewolf.  What he doesn't realize is, probably he wouldn't stand out too much if he did. "What?  Oh…yes.  That should be well suited."

Luka Arlexi: "Right." She nods. "I think it's… this way?" She starts walking.

Cut to: Evelyn. She doesn't look at the map, but strides with purpose to the main lift, which takes her down all 47 stories to the mid-level walkway between the main building and the G. Reginald Browningham Physics Building. There, she takes the lift back up 32 stories, and exits on the 14th faculty offices floor. An automated receptionist greets her.  "May I help you, humanoid female?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Wo kann ich Professor Higgenbotham finden?"

Michael Harrel: There is a clacking sound within the receptionist.  "Ah, welkom, ma'am. Hallway tweeduizenddrie, kantoor vierenzestig 'c'."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Danke."

Michael Harrel: "U bent van harte welkom."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: She continues on.

Michael Harrel: CUT TO: Sparling. A door marked with the name of "Professor Nicholas Eason" opens, and Eason answers.  He looks completely shocked at first, but then recovers.  "Ah… ah… yes, cousin… Alfreda, come all the way from Lesser T-—shire!  Come in, come in.  How is Uncle Josef and Aunt Finneas?"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling thinks quickly and adopts a rather more provincial accent. "You know Uncle Jo and Aunt Finn—still waking up at dawn to milk the goats. They never could get over the nerve of you, moving off to be a high-faluting profess'r." As she speaks, she tries to get a good view of Eason's forehead to see if he's been recently reeducated.

Michael Harrel: He shuts the door behind her, and motions to her to stay silent and still. Luckily for Sparling, Eason is balding, much like this show's producer.  It's clear that he has no scars on his head.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling relaxes somewhat, but keeps her hand near her pistol until she ascertains what's bothering the man.

Michael Harrel: His office is your typical professor's office.  There are many shelves with odd looking books.  His desk has various papers on it, as well as a few models of the celestial rings.  There are weird artifacts that he's accumlated over the years.  He walks over to one of these, a mechanical insect, and activates it, motioning for sparling to remain still and silent.  The bug scurries all over the room, floor, ceiling and walls, before returning to its original position.  Its eyes are glowing green.

"Sparling, what in blazes are you doing here?  I thought we agreed it would be best if you stayed well away — Wait. Let me see your head."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling pulls her hair back. "You know I wouldn't come back if it wasn't important. They have Catherine."

Michael Harrel: Eason nods.  "They have Catherine?  … damn it all.  Then it's all about to come crumbling down, isn't it?"

Genevieve Sparling: "Sooner rather than later, I'm afraid. After I found out about her, I went to Pavel's warehouse…" She trails off, her gaze distant.

Michael Harrel: "Good.  You have him on your ship?  …….

What's wrong?"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling shakes her head. "I'm sure he's fine. Wherever he is." She straightens, all business again. "That's why I'm here. I need to know what to do next, and I'll need your tabulator."

Michael Harrel: "Very well.  Pardon me for being suspicious, but I'm sure you understand:  What did Pavel say to you and me the night we were chased by the bloody army that Dr. Hypnotique had mind-controlled in Florence?"

Genevieve Sparling: "'Я получаю слишком старым для этого'," Sparling quotes. "And how did Catherine react after demolishing half of Coventry with her attempt at space travel?"

Michael Harrel: "I believe she rotated her blueprints 90 degrees and sold the protype to the Pirate Nation as a weapon?"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling grins nostalgically. "And made me transport it tied to the bottom of the Aether. Right." She takes the envelope out of her waistcoat pocket and opens it with her switchblade. "Shall we get to work?"

Michael Harrel: "Put that away.  It's in the basement."

Cut to: Commercial.

Genevieve Sparling: Has your morning regimen lost its efficient vigour? Do you find yourself lethargic and spiritless with the dawn of each glorious day? My friend, you are in dire need of the newest part of a balanced and vital breakfast: Nutri-Gears! Each minuscule toothed ring symbolizes the importance of the workers united in strengthening the glory of the Enlightenment, and is composed of a robust amalgamation of pulverized horse grains, soybeans, corn meal, reprocessed saccharine, vitamin slurry, stimulant pellets, sawdust, and unspecified repurposed organic waste. It'll give you a reason to get out of your dormitory cot and keep your pulse racing throughout your sixteen-hour shift at the mill! Some consumers may experience hallucinatory delusions and/or cardiac arrest. Nutri-Gears! Try them with Udder-Free Protein-Derived Dairy Substitute today!

And now, back to Cogs!

INT.  Luka and Daniel are making their way to the blood lab.  Sounds ominous, doesn't it? As they walk through a small courtyard littered with professors, augmented apes, and students, she suddenly hears someone say the one word she least wants to hear: her own name.


Luka Arlexi: Luka winces slightly, hoping that someone else is being addressed.

Michael Harrel: Oddly, the first thing Daniel does at the sound is to remove his belt.

A man of about the same age of Luka runs over.  "Alexandra, my love, is that really you?"

Michael Harrel: Daniel inserts himself in between Luka and the man.

Luka Arlexi: Luka blinks, trying to elbow her cousin as subtley as possible. "Er… Do I… know you?"

Michael Harrel: "But…but you must have seen my tintype!  I have memorized every detail of yours, my darling.  The Ministry sent it to me along with their orders that you and I should create an organism with resulting from the combination of our own genetic profiles!"

Luka Arlexi: "Mine… must have been lost in the mail."

Michael Harrel: "And now at last you have come; though it did take longer than the six to eight weeks they mentioned in the letter."

Luka Arlexi: Luka opens her mouth, and then closes it. She tries again, and still fails to come up with anything to say that will not get her arrested. "Oh. Oh, dear."

Newton Falk: "Luka!  There you are.  Oh good, you found Dennis.  But who's your friend?"  Newton walks up and and before she can act, kisses Luka on the cheek. "Newton Falk, and you?"  He looks at the man.

Michael Harrel: "I'm Jeremy Fortenbrite," says the man, shaking Newton's hand.  "Oh.  I'm sorry, have you also received orders to combine your genetic data with that of my dearest Alexandra?  

…Well, splendid!  Let's find somewhere private and we can begin the necessary preparations!  There's a MIGDMP approved campus procreation chamber not far from here…"

Newton Falk: "I'm sorry to break this, friend."  Newton lets go and wipes his hand on his side, "But you seem to have the wrong lady."

Michael Harrel: "Can I turn into a ravenous monster-thing yet?" says Daniel.

Newton Falk: "Quiet, Dennis."

Luka Arlexi: Luka pats him on the shoulder, still at a loss for words.

Newton Falk: "We really don't have time to dally, I'm afraid.  Luka, dear, I believe you were leading?"

Luka Arlexi: "Er. Right." Luka starts heading off the general way she had been heading previously.

Newton Falk: "Nice to meet you, Frostbite!  Hope to see you again!"  Newton walks after her.  Quietly, "That was close…"

Michael Harrel: "No, I'm afraid I can't be mistaken," he says, following them. "I've spent every night staring at the tinytype I was sent.  Certainly Alexandra was much younger in the picture, but I had an artist reconstruct what her appearance would be at her present age.  It's here in my pocket, half a moment…"

Newton Falk: "Half a moment, dear."  Newton turns back and confonts Frostbite. Quietly, to him, "My dear Luka may look like someone you know.  That is true.  You see, the reason is no doubt that when they reconstructed her face after that terrible acid juggling incident they needed some sort of guide.  No doubt they used a random record and you or I were none the wiser.  She's very touchy about the subject, you see how distracted she seems?  Good."  Louder.  "And with that straight I believe you'll be on you way.  No, I'm afraid that wasn't a question.  Good day."  He turns him, and gives him a push back the way he came.

Michael Harrel: Jeremy sputters a bit, rather flustered.  Then his jaw snaps shut, he fixes his hat, and he stiffly turns and walks off, fists clenched.

Newton Falk: Newton turns to Luka.  Big smile.

Michael Harrel: Daniel puts his belt back on. Somewhat disappointedly.

Newton Falk: "Next time, there'll always be a next time."

Luka Arlexi: Luka pats Daniel on the shoulder again, and smiles wryly at Newton. "Remind me to take you to dinner, Mr. Falk. Someplace you like, and I don't. I might even wear a dress," she muses.

Newton Falk: "Really?"  Newton is obviously intrigued.

Luka Arlexi: "I'd have to buy one, first, but it's a possibility. Now, we need to get to the blood lab."

Newton Falk: "Whatever you say, my dear."

Luka Arlexi: Luka raises an eyebrow, but doesn't otherwise comment.

CUT TO: Dr. Higgenbotham, approaching her destination.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: She is walking.

Michael Harrel: As she approaches the office, she hears someone exclaiming "Eureeka!  There IS a way to quantifiably measure the aether!  With more research and experimentation, an anti-gravitational device will be within our grasp!  And Dr. Hallsey said I was insane.  I'll show him!  I'll show them all!"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn knocks on the door.

Michael Harrel: "Don't come in!  You'll kill us all! Wait a moment!"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Her hands are shaking a bit.

Michael Harrel: There's a pause, and some electrical sounds from within.  The door opens.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: She steps in quickly and closes the door behind her. No turning back now.

Michael Harrel: The man inside the room has shocking white hair going every which way, and a large, bushy mustache.  His tie is slightly loosened after a night of much exertion.  The room is filled with some sort of arcane apparatus.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn takes a nervous step further into the room. Her eyes wander to the different machines. Without a word she walks over to one of them. It is apparently in fine working condition. She moves a few things and tightens a few bolts and it's better than it was before. "Um…"

Michael Harrel: The man hasn't really looked up from the adjustments he's making to the apparatus. "If can just….synchronize the….yes…there it is…"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn wants to go over there and see what exactly it is he's working on, but she has more important things to do. "H-how's mom?" She asks quietly.

Michael Harrel: He looks up, shocked.  "Evie?"

CUT TO: The lift stops.  Eason removes a key from a hidden spot in the lift's wall, and they exit into the sub-basement. It's a dim place, with stone walls and flickering gas lights. There's a security checkpoint, and Eason signs for the both of them.  They pass three automatic turrets, and the security guard unlocks another door for them. Then it's down a flight of stone stairs, through the old campus dungeons (no longer in use, since the Enlightenment takes care of most arrests and incarcerations now), and through a secret passage which Eason opens by yanking on a skeleton's arrm as though it were a lever.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling smirks at the dramatic setting. "You scholars always guard your technology like it's magic."

Michael Harrel: Finally, they arrive at another security checkpoint, and Eason signs a log again.  Just past the checkpoint is a clerk's desk.  Eason fills out a ticket and gives it to the clerk, a hunchbacked old man who accepts the ticket with both hands and regards it reverently. The clerk unlocks a nearly invisible door in the wall behind him, and disappears into a cavernous room behind it, shutting the door after him.

"This could take a moment," says Eason.  "I hope you're not trailing the usual pursuing authorities, Genevieve."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling looks over her shoulder. "Not that I've noticed, but these days they're becoming harder to spot."

Michael Harrel: A few moment later the door opens and the old man returns, carefully towing a crate on a dolly.  He hands Eason a clipboard, and Eason signs once again.   The clerk returns to his seat to fill out paperwork. "Right then," says Eason to Sparling.  "Shall we find someplace to open this?"

Genevieve Sparling: "Does it get more private and remote than an abandoned dungeon?" Sparling quips.

Michael Harrel: "Some of the skeletons are on their side," whispers Eason. "Ha ha!  No, I'm kidding, that should be sufficiently remote."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling grumbles. "Ass."

Michael Harrel: "You never could take a joke."  They return to the dungeon through the secret passage after signing again at the security station.

Genevieve Sparling: "Too much time spent listening to Pavel's awful puns spoilt me for humor, I'm afraid."

Michael Harrel: Eason works on opening the crate.  Inside there is a device resembling a Babbage machine, with a slot just the right size for the piece of paper in Sparling's envelope.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling looks the device over perfunctorily, as she has no hope of understanding it the way Doctor Higgenbotham or Luka might. Still, she finds it mildly intriguing. "Glad they didn't get to you, my friend," she says to Eason, "or I would have had to steal one of these from the Enlightenment instead."

Michael Harrel: "I'm rather glad they didn't get to me, too," says Eason. He starts up the machine.  The moving parts twist and clack. "Do you…um…have it with you?" he says.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling produces the envelope and unfolds the sheet of paper inside it.

Michael Harrel: "You just put it through this slot," he says, pointing.  "The machine will do the rest."

Genevieve Sparling: She does as directed, treating the worn paper with extreme care.

CUT TO: The blood lab.

Newton Falk: "This is almost the most blood I've ever seen in my life…"

Luka Arlexi: Luka is wrapping up her arm as Daniel begins finding the most unfriendly looking devices in the place and running samples of her blood through them.

Newton Falk: "So.. what are we doing here, anyway?"  Newton asks cheerily.

Luka Arlexi: Daniel, who is currently running one sample through a steam-powered centrifuge and  adjusting another on a slide beneath a microscope, does not look up. "Trying to find out why exactly the Enlightenment is so intent on collecting Luka."

Newton Falk: Looking over his shoulder, "She's a cute female engineer.  how many more of those can there be?"

Luka Arlexi: Luka, for her part, looks off at nothing, and seems to ignore this. "Danny patched me up a while back, and said there was something… 'odd' when one of the tests came back. He didn't have the facilities to look into it further, and I was not exactly interested in asking them why they were after me. And, given their willingness to kill me so long as they get a sample… I'm not sure they're particularly interested in my occupation or my appearance."

Newton Falk: Newton stays quiet, but wanders over near her.

Michael Harrel: "Plus, you'd think they'd have bothered the Fox about it if that was where their priorities lay," muses Daniel, getting all dreamy-eyed.

Luka Arlexi: Luka manages a smile at that.

Michael Harrel: He shakes his head.  "Right.  The tests."

Newton Falk: Newton rolls his eyes.

Michael Harrel: "There seems to be some sort of irregularity with your immune system," says Daniel.  "The antibodies in your blood…hmmm."

Newton Falk: To himself, "We've got, five… maybe ten minutes before something happens." Louder, "Better start wrapping it up, Dan."

Luka Arlexi: "Irregularity…?"

Michael Harrel: "Aha."  Daniel looks over at Luka.  "It would take a couple more tests, but if my data is correct…I think you're pretty much the cure for the French pox, small pox, chicken pox, polio, typhus, leprosy, the bubonic plague, cholera, scarlet fever, consumption, Female hysteria, scurvy, and the common cold."

Luka Arlexi: "… What?"

Newton Falk: "Female hysteria?"

Luka Arlexi: "Don't ask. But still, what?"

Michael Harrel: "Hmm.  That would certainly seem to explain their interest in your genetic heritage."

Luka Arlexi: "Uh… huh." Luka blinks a few times.

Newton Falk: "So… they want to juice her or something?"

Luka Arlexi: "I take it back, no dress."

Michael Harrel: "If we have to," says a voice at the entrance to the lab.  They turn: a MIGDMP agent, five steam guards, and Jeremy.

Newton Falk: "Damn, four and a half minutes…"

Michael Harrel: "I'm sorry, my heart!" he says.  "I've waited far too long to lose you now!"

Newton Falk: "Frostbite, I swear, you're gonna die a virgin."

Luka Arlexi: «I will kill you and wear your obnoxious face as a hat.» (translated from Russian) "Daniel… you can probably take off the belt now."

Michael Harrel: "If you find the idea of physical procreative acts involving me so distasteful," says Jeremy to Luka, "At least please consider relinquishing a small material sample from which your genetic structure could be reconstructed in an incuvac chamber.  Won't you, please, my love?"

Luka Arlexi: "Good, because I'd rather set myself on fire." She thinks a moment. "Then again, I'd rather set you on fire. More efficient."

Newton Falk: Newton draws his gun.

Michael Harrel: Daniel takes off his belt. "No no," says the MIGDMP agent to Daniel, misunderstanding.  "We don't need your sample.  It's been compromised."

Newton Falk: Newton begins looking for another exit… One that won't be full of werewolf.

Michael Harrel: Daniel becomes a ravenous wolf-beast thing.

Newton Falk: Daniel leaps across the cluttered counter sending beakers and vials everywhere.  He charges the doorway, intent on the MIGDMP agent… who's standing behind Fortenbrite.  As Daniel bowls him over, Fortenbrite falls backward.  Daniel steps down hard as he rushes the MIGDMP goon.  There is a wet sound.  Fortenbrite gives a strangled yelp.

The hallway erupts into a frenzy as the werewolf tears through the assembled security force, their sophisticated weapons useless against anyone more dangerous than a drunken student.

Quietly, Fortenbrite begins to sob to himself.

Luka Arlexi: Luka looks around thoughtfully at some of the instruments. "Newton…" She hands him the belt. "Go wrangle my cousin, please."

Newton Falk: "On it."

Luka Arlexi: She looks up at the pipes running through the ceiling. "Excellent. I have some gas-pipes to redirect." She pulls out her small blowtorch, and grins.

Newton Falk: Newton listens for a moment.  "I'm gonna give him a sec.  And maybe eight or nine more of those tranq darts."

Luka Arlexi: "Right." Luka pulls out some goggles. "This is going to be fun."

Newton Falk: Newton smiles.

Michael Harrel: Meanwhile, the upper half of the MIGDMP agent is attempting to escape from Daniel by dragging himself with his arms.  Daniel pounces, grabs him by the neck with his teeth, and shakes vigorously.

Newton Falk: "Gottcha!"  Newton sticks Daniel with the belt needle.  He looks quite pleased with himself, then a shadow falls over his face.  "Damn.  Now I have to carry you… turn back into a guy, damnit."

Michael Harrel: The werewolf turns back into a naked guy.

Luka Arlexi: Luka comes running out of the room with a labcoat, grinning. "Fifteen seconds, Mr. Falk." She drops the labcoat onto Daniel, and helps Newton pick him up.

Newton Falk: "Damnit.  THIS is why you have emergancy pants…"  He picks him up carefully and follows Luka.

Luka Arlexi: "I suggest we run." She looks down at Fortenbrite. "Sorry. I don't think it's going to work out."

Newton Falk: Newton looks down at him, "Told ya."

CUT TO: the Physics department.

Michael Harrel: "Evie, where the hell have you been?  Your advisors at Tesla U. have been  very worried about you, and so have your mother and I."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "I… I had to leave." Evelyn is finding it hard to speak. Or at least hard to figure out what to say.

Michael Harrel: "Well, that's not important.  Well, disregarding the fact that you failed to graduate with your doctorate and the repurcussions that will inevitably have on your future and so forth. Your mother will have some words with you about that, but of course you're an adult and old enough to make your own decisions."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Dad," She looks up, "that piece of paper means nothing. I would have passed all exams, that was a given." Evelyn waves her hand in the air. "There was nothing more that place could teach me. Wait, no! That's not the important thing… Dad…" Evelyn sighs, "Has the Enlightenment sent anyone to your home? Have they questioned you? Are they watching you?" She looks around.

Michael Harrel: "Well, the first two years they did.  They asked us a lot of questions.  But more recently, no, I think they've given up.  On the other hand, your mother and I wondered why the authorities were taking such an interest in you."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "I'm not so sure if I should say. Just. You haven't told them anything, have you? You don't trust them do you?" Evelyn, not being able to keep her attention from her father's work any longer, walks over to his contraption and examines it.

"You're very close… just…" Evelyn reaches out and we see a little bit how her mind works. The components and even ideas solidify in the air and separate. They turn into people in a specific situation. A scene plays out and she watches. Interrupting it, Evelyn reaches out a hand and grabs the "hand" of the nearest "person." We see it is a component that she is tweaking. She works on several other things. Moving with hypnotic motions. It is a good half hour she does this. "There," she steps back.

Michael Harrel: Her father watches proudly.  "Yes, that's it, exactly!  You see?  I could never prove my theory all those years ago, when my work was stolen.  But give me five more years and I'll have reconstructed most of it.  I'll get that tenure yet, by god!"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: She smiles at him, "It was all so simple. The chef just needed to meet the chimpanzee before the mouse ate…" She shakes her head, "Dad? The bird had to leave…"

Michael Harrel: "The bird?  What?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn looks distracted again, "I already told you. Did you tell them anything?"

Michael Harrel: "What could I tell them?  You left without saying anything to us.  We didn't know where you were.  We were just happy they were looking for you, since it meant they hadn't, you know, arrested you."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: She grabs him by the collar, "Don't! Don't let them find me…" Her eyes are histerical and she begins to crazyrant.

Michael Harrel: "Of course not, Evie."  He hugs her.  "We won't let them."

CUT TO: The dungeon.

Michael Harrel: The machine "dings" indicating it is done with the deciphering.

Michael Harrel: It spits out another piece of paper.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling eyes the paper and hesitates. She glances to Eason, obviously preferring that he pick it up first.

Michael Harrel: Eason looks rather pale.

Michael Harrel: Gingerly, he reaches out to pick up the paper.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling, meanwhile, retrieves the original.

Michael Harrel: The machine continues to produce paper bearing the translations, until twenty or thirty pages lie on the floor.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling stares, fear growing on her expression.

Michael Harrel: Eason glances over the papers.  "It's… extraordinary," he says.

Genevieve Sparling: "What? What is it?"

Michael Harrel: "Theoretical plans for….several different components of a larger machine," he says.

Genevieve Sparling: Impatiently, Sparling peers over his shoulder, but of course she can make no more sense of the plans than she could of the untranslated paper.

Michael Harrel: "They were all designed separately, by several different specialists.  This one here, is a residential complex, I think.  Self sustaining.  And this one…it looks like a tube to focus a terrific discharge of energy.  To what end, I can't guess.  But this one," he says, pulling out another.  "This is the centerpiece to the whole thing, but it's too advanced conceptually for me.  It looks as though the designer has had to create several new mathematical symbols to describe it all."  He hands Genevieve the paper.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling stares at the paper, hoping somehow to grasp its meaning by osmosis.

Michael Harrel: On the bottom of the paper, the design is attributed to: Dr. N. Higgenbotham.

Genevieve Sparling: Upon seeing the byline, Genevieve swears. Loudly. In Russian and English.

Michael Harrel: Shot of: The clerk, filling out paperwork.  From somewhere distant there is the muffled sound of someone swearing loudly in russian and english.

Michael Harrel: Next time, on the SEASON FINALE of Cogs….

Luka Arlexi: "There is not enough alchohol in the world to get me to wear that."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling, carrying a sheaf of papers, enters Professor Higgenbotham's office to find Evelyn and her father seated on the floor amid scattered mechanikal devices, a half-empty bottle of Enlightenment-approved gin on the floor beside them. She tosses the papers at Evelyn's feet. "Doctor Higgenbotham, I think I might finally be starting to understand you."

Newton Falk: Newton stands facing a Gentleman, they are on the observation deck of the Aether.  The sun is slowly sinking into the sea behind them.  The Gentleman raises his umbrella.

"You'll never win you know.  We do not yield."

"Neither do I," Newton says, raising the Autopilot. "Plus… I'm not left handed."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn looks so serious. "I have to go back to London. It's time I graduated…" Evelyn cocks her harpoon gun. "Whether or not they're willing to give my my diploma."

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