Episode 7

Set to sail on a packet full of spice, rum and tea leaves, having emptied out all the bars and the bowery hotels, it's Cogs!  Brought to you by the Mechanicsburg Steam-Powered Coffee Co.  "Our machine may break several laws of physics, but it sure does make a good cup of coffee!"

EXT.  The Glorious and Sublime Museum of Transportation.  Night.  Newton and Felix walk inconspicuously along the wall next to the museum courtyard.  Felix is holding a large burlap sack.  Coming to a gate in the wall, Newton finds that his faith in his old friend was not misplaced: it's unlocked.  Glancing around to make sure no one is looking, the two men slip inside.

The Museum is an impressive structure of obsidian stone, with columns and large hanging white flags emblazoned with the red Flying- Man-O'-War emblem of the Ministry and the seal of the Enlightenment.

Michael Harrel: "Okay," says Felix, glancing at the notes given to them by Newton's friend.  "According to this, we just have to get past the courtyard's automatic turret system, then sneak past the steamotronick lions that patrol the interior of the building, then grab the engine parts without setting off the hair-trigger death traps, and we're out of here."

Newton Falk: "No sweat.  Race you?"

Michael Harrel: "I hate you so much right now."

Newton Falk: "Buck up, you could be babysitting the werewolf!"

CUT TO: The Aether.  To see what everyone else is doing.

Luka Arlexi: Luka is working on the engine, though there is quite a bit of scattered, former steam armor bits lying around that look as though they've been fiddled with.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn is busy working in her Lab. Daniel is chained, with pants.

Michael Harrel: "I feel much better now, I really do," says Daniel.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "That's wonderful, David," Evelyn says not concentrating.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling stands on the Aether's observation deck, her father's old meerschaum pipe in her hands as she oversees the Elwyn dock workers' progress on replacing the window Daniel shattered.

Back to: The Museum.  Felix and Newton are taking cover behind a potted plant, which is being struck from three directions by autoturrets.

Michael Harrel: "Hey, look at the bright side," says Felix.  "They have to run out of ammo sometime, right?"

Newton Falk: "Leave the snarky comments to me, Felix.  There's a time and a place. On three you go left and I'll go right, Ready?"

Michael Harrel: "Okay.  We can do this.  Ready."

Newton Falk: "1, 2…3!… What are you doing here?"

Michael Harrel: "I was about to ask you the same thing."

Newton Falk: "I was making sure you made it. I can't turn my back on a friend!"

Michael Harrel: "Well, I had a sudden pain from my BULLET WOUND."

Newton Falk: "Fine, fine.  I was going to save these for the steamopudic thingies…" He hands Felix a smoke grenade. "Pull the pin and toss it over there."

Michael Harrel: Felix takes the grenade, eyeing it suspiciously.  He pulls the pin and throws it. In the direction indicated.

Newton Falk: Smoke comes out.  Newton looks at him. "What?  You think I would go so far as to give you a bum smoke grenade at a time like this?"

CUT TO: The lab.  Evelyn has finished working on a belt that will administer a sedative whenever Daniel starts to transform, and is affixing it to Daniel's manly torso.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Now, this is just a prototype, but I think it shouldn't need too many modifications. I made it afterall," she says proudly, standing back to admire her work.

Michael Harrel: "Does this mean the chains can come off now?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Lets hope so. Now, I want you to try to transform. To test the belt, and also to see if you can figure out what triggers it." Evelyn stands back and grabs a large wrench just in case. Realizing her mistake, she drops the wrench and picks up her re-loaded harpoon gun with net attachment. "Ok, go."

Michael Harrel: "I don't know if I can do this.  I don't know how to change."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Well, what were you thinking when you transformed the last two times?"

Michael Harrel: "Oh God, I hope I don't change?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Try that. Try really hard not to change."

Michael Harrel: "That doesn't make any kind of sense."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn sighs, "It makes perfect sense. Just because you don't get it doesn't mean it doesn't make sense." She sighs again. "Ok, Luka was there both times, can she have anything to do with it?"

Michael Harrel: "She wasn't there when I started to change the second time, but I don't know.  You want to go get her?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "I don't think it's necessary to endanger her… wait, think about wanting to protect Luka." Evelyn seems optimistic about this last idea.

Michael Harrel: "Um…okay."

CUT TO: The museum.  Felix and Newton are now on top of a large pillar.  Below, steamotronick lions are pacing around, growling up at them.

Newton Falk: "Wow, did you see how high those things can jump? Here, I brought some of the normal kind."  Hands Felix two more grenades.  "Don't miss now, I only have those two."

Michael Harrel: Felix throws a grenade down.  Steamotronick parts fly everywhere.

CUT TO: The observation deck.  The foreman approaches Sparling.  "Well, that should about do it, m'um.  The young lady in the engine room wouldn't let us near the engine, but everything else is good as new."

Genevieve Sparling: "You did a fine job, and tell Mister Elwyn he has our thanks." Sparling hands over a pouch filled with nearly all of the crew's remaining funds. "We'll be out of here in an hour or two… I hope."

Michael Harrel: "So do we, m'um."

CUT TO: The museum.  Felix is holding the engine parts.  The room is getting smaller, the doors are barred, and the walls are glowing white hot.

Michael Harrel: "Got a grenade to get us out of this one, Newt?"

Newton Falk: "You wouldn't think they'd go through all this trouble to protect a simple example of an outdated engine, would you?"  Newton says as he reaches into his bag and pulls out a grappling hook and rope.  Big smile.

CUT TO: The engine room.  Luka is tightening some bolts and looking happy with herself. Felix and Newton walk in with the engine parts.

Newton Falk: "Got a present here.  Check it out, Luka."

Luka Arlexi: Luka looks over idly, wiping her forehead. "Huh. Haven't seen one of those in ages. Where'd you dig that up?"

Newton Falk: "A museum, where else?"

Luka Arlexi: "Whatever for?"

Michael Harrel: "Er…for the engine?" says Felix.  He points.

Newton Falk: "New steam exchange manifold and induction couplers."

Luka Arlexi: The engine is running, actually a bit quieter than before. "Oh. I already built some."

Newton Falk: Newton seems unphased.

Luka Arlexi: "Well… scavenged, really. They're so hard to find, I didn't think the expense would be worth it. So I designed new ones."

Newton Falk: "I didn't doubt you for a second.  Just take a look at the serial numbers on those parts, if you would."

Luka Arlexi: She examines them.

Newton Falk: (There are none.)

Luka Arlexi: "… Mr. Falk… Can you hit the speaker horn for me?"

Newton Falk: Newton does so.

Luka Arlexi: "Captain? We need to get out of here. Now."

Genevieve Sparling: In reply, Sparling sighs. "I was afraid that would be the case when I saw Mister Falk return with something in a sack."

Newton Falk: "You're over reacting. It'll take them two, three hours to figure out who took the parts.  The old guy is staying with relatives and the likely hood of them figuring out Felix's shoe size so fast…"

Luka Arlexi: "On the upshot, we've got some new, highly illicit paper weights."

Newton Falk: "Hang on to those Luka.  Seriously."  Newton is indeed, serious.

Luka Arlexi: She hefts the parts, muttering to herself. "… Don't even need induction couplers anymore…"

Genevieve Sparling: "If nothing else we can use them as ballast, I suppose. Mister Falk to the bridge, please. Let's make our exit."

Newton Falk: Newton looks disappointed; he turns and heads to the bridge.

To the horn "Engine room, give me full steam.  Felix, hail the office and have them open the doors.  Captain, ready when they are."

Luka Arlexi: Luka waits until Newton and Felix have exited, and lifts up a floor panel. She deposits the parts there, along with quite a few other odd bits of a mechanical nature. She shrugs, and replaces the panel.

EXT: Outside the hanger.  The doors open, and the Aether lifts off.

Genevieve Sparling: "Felix, would you be so kind as to plot us a course for Old Sicily?"

Michael Harrel: "The Pirate Nation, Captain?  Didn't you swear never to go back there?"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling clears her throat. "Unfortunately my list of places where I'll never return can only be so long out of necessity, and the Outlaw's Sanctum was just replaced by the Isle of Man."

Newton Falk: Newton makes a note ona small pad of paper next to his console.  "Noted, Capt."

CUT TO: Commercial

Neat, sweet, and a-dandy, it's Cogs!  Brought to you by Pinkertone's Faire - The curiousity emporium and park of amusements that's an enjoyable afternoon's diversion for the entire family unit.  Wander our hall of curiousities, such as the World's Most Impractical Doomsday Device and the World's Largest Hydrorg Gorilla!  We have the new improved JetSteam, the world's only hydrodynamic roller coaster, which now has an amost 80% survival rate! Pinkertones' Faire - A veritable smorgasborg…for your sense of fun!

And now, Cogs.

EXT.  OLD SICILY.  DAY.  The Aether approaches the shore of the Pirate Kindgom; the coast on the Italian side of the island has been turned into one giant cannon installation, with thousands of cannons pointing skyward.  A blinking lantern signal indicates that the Aether should identify themselves and their purpose for approaching the gauntlet.

Newton Falk: Into the speaking tube: "Capt., we're being flashed."  Pause.  "Lanterns.  They want to know who we are… It's late, can you come to the bridge?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: You hear Evelyn giggling.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling refrains from smirking. "On my way, Mr. Falk." She emerges from her quarters and heads to the bridge, taking a signal lantern from a hook near the chart table and responding to the hail from below with an intricate series of flickers.

Michael Harrel: A quick response indicates that they should remain on present course and not deviate.  They're clear to enter the island's airspace.  (As they pass overhead, several cannons still track their movement, just in case.)

Newton Falk: "The pirates seem pretty laid back, Capt.  Not a single "warning shot" yet."

Genevieve Sparling: "Yes, it's quite a relief after the sendoff we received last time. Find us an unoccupied docking spire and we'll go see if the welcome on the ground is as friendly."

Newton Falk: "Aye."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling returns to her quarters and retrieves her pistol, and a couple spare sidearms, just in case.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn is wearing her most menacing safety goggles.

Michael Harrel: Newton brings the Aether in.  The docks are a ramshackle construction, in contrast with the pristine Mechanus docks we'd seen earlier.  It isn't quite the converted junkyard that the Fox's headquarters is, but it does employ many creative uses of material and parts designed for other tasks.  Likewise, the dockworkers are a rough looking lot, with many piercings and tattoos and hydrorganic augementations.

Newton Falk: "Anyone have a 'Beware of Dog' sign we can hang on the outside hatch?"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling returns to the bridge. "If Dr. Higgenbotham's latest invention works, there won't be anything onboard to beware of, Mr. Falk." She glances out the bridge's windows. "This place is as cheery as ever, I see."

Newton Falk: "Yeah, must be a good time to be a pirate.  I don't hear anyone prying the trim off the hull."

Michael Harrel: The crew departs the ship, save for Daniel and Felix, who stay behind to guard the ship and hopefully not maul any pirates.

Newton Falk: "So where to Capt.?"  Newton says, slinging the Autopilot over his shoulder.

Luka Arlexi: Luka stretches, looking around.

Michael Harrel: The city is actually filled with ne'er-do-wells, pirates, rebels, criminals, and people on the run from either the Enlightenment or the Automaton Empire.  Or both.  The crew passes a rather rowdy looking bar, where the evening's brawl is already well underway (it's about 7:00pm).  Somewhere, someone is playing a shanty on a hand accordian.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling turns north at a main intersection. "We're looking for an inventor's workshop. The sign out front should bear the name of Rosser."

Michael Harrel: At all turns, the crew is accosted by peddlers, panhandlers, prostitutes and drunkards.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn pushes a flapping, clucking chicken out of her face.

Luka Arlexi: Luka bristles, striving to look as unapproachable as possible.

Newton Falk: Newton hands the chicken to a prostitute. "Have fun." Continues walking.

Michael Harrel: The chicken is disappointed he neglected to bring his coin purse along.

Michael Harrel: Sparling leads the way to the Rosser's workshop.  It's a large laboratory filled with trinkets, doohickeys, and gadgets of various size, shape, and function.  The Wall o' Weaponry displays many sabres and blunderbusses with interesting modifications, and the Wall o' Prosthetic Limbs houses various steam-powered or clockwork legs and arms.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling grimaces at the Wall o' Prosthetic Limbs.

Luka Arlexi: Luka eyes some of the steam-powered ones idly.

Michael Harrel: Rosser herself is a short, youthful woman. "Genevieve Sparling?  Is that you?  I didn't expect to see you 'round these parts after that last incident," she says.  "'Ow's Pavel, then, the old dog?"

Newton Falk: Newton stands near Luka and looks over the weaponry.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn is disinterested. Her chair is more special than these things.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling gives Rosser a rare grin. "It's good to see you, Catherine. Pavel's well; he regrets he couldn't be here in person, but I was happy to make the trip for him."

Michael Harrel: "That's awright," says Rosser, casually shutting the door and flipping the sign to "We're closed so get the fook away, then!" "Would you care for a drink?" she says.

Genevieve Sparling: "If you have something that wasn't brewed in the guts of a spare condensor tank, certainly."

Michael Harrel: Rosser smiles.  "Let's see…I've got some of that Enlightenment Steam-o-hol, from the Ministry of Hangover Inducement, or I've got some of the local rum…or, if you promise you have some good news for me from Pavel, I've got the good stuff in the back."

Newton Falk: Newton perks up.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn sidles over to Newton. "You think we can sneak in back?" she mutters out of the corner of her mouth.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling smirks. "News from Pavel comes in two varieties: depressing and life-threatening. But this is better than most, I think."

Newton Falk: Whispers, "I'm hoping the Captain nicks the bottle…"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "I think she likes this girl, though. It's up to us…"

Michael Harrel: "Close enough," says Rosser, unlocking the door to the back of her shop.  "Turn off that lantern on your way back, will you lassie?" she says to Evelyn.

Newton Falk: "Then we'd really better not, eh?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "I'm not afraid of the Captain… but alright."

Newton Falk: "Don't have to be afraid, just gotta keep getting paid."  Walks to the door.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn follows.

Newton Falk: "Ladies first.  Luka, you coming?"

Luka Arlexi: "Hmm? Oh, sure." She leaves off of examining what looks to be some sort of mechanical arm brace with an attatched rocket launcher.

Newton Falk: Newton closes the door after himself.

Michael Harrel: The crew proceeds to get rollicking drunk of 50-year-old whiskey.  Yum.

Sparling and Rosser discuss something rather important in the meantime, between rounds of whiskey. But finally, a half-conscious habitual pat to her waistcoat pocket causes Sparling to suddenly sober up completely.  Her coat pocket is empty.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling's knuckles go white on the arm of her chair, and she eyes Rosser carefully, then tries to remember if any candidates for pickpocketing came near her on the street. Then she realizes everyone on the street was a candidate for pickpocketing. As inconspicuously as she can manage while not in full control of her appendages, Sparling checks her other pockets.

Michael Harrel: She doesn't find it there, of course, but all of her other possessions seem to still be there: her coin purse, for example.

Newton Falk: "Lost something Capt.?"  Newton seems only mildly intrested, the rest of his focus… absent.

Genevieve Sparling: "Nothing important," Sparling murmurs. "Catherine," she begins warily, "I know you came here to escape unwanted attention, but I'm curious as to what kind of presence the Enlightenment has here these days."

Michael Harrel: "I'm sure they're around," says Rosser, "The old Autos are here, too, I'm sure.  The Pirate Kingdom isn't that exclusive as to who it lets in, you may have noticed.  I don't think they'd let a Gentleman around, but I'm positive they have agents on the island.  It's just… what can they do?  They don't have any power to apprehend the people they want.  Might start a bar fight and knife you in the back, though."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling lifts her shot glass to her lips. "Wish I could say it would  be the first time I've been stabbed in the back," she says before taking a swig.

Michael Harrel: "Why?  Do you think they were following  you?"

Genevieve Sparling: "No," says Sparling, "I know they're following me. Whether they'd be brazen enough to show up here with steam armor and bowler caps at the ready is up for debate, but they'll follow, nonetheless. By now they will have paid Pavel a visit."

Newton Falk: "Sometimes…sometimes I wonder why those guys hate us so much."  Newton stares at his shot glass.  "Ah well, poor Pavel."  He raises it and drinks.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn falls over from her seated position.

Genevieve Sparling: "He'll be fine. He's survived worse, and he knew the risk."

Luka Arlexi: Luka giggles, and tries to help Evelyn up.

Genevieve Sparling: "As for why they hate us, well, we're not like them. I suppose that's all it takes." She gazes steadily at Rosser.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn giggles as well but somehow manages to pull Luka down instead of getting up.

Michael Harrel: Looking carefully at Rosser, who is looking at Newton at the moment, Sparling notices a small, neat scar just above her temple, almost hidden by her hairline.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling sighs. "They catch up to us all eventually, don't they, my friend?"

Michael Harrel: Rosser turns back to Sparling, catching onto the fact that she's been found out.  "It's only because they love us," she says. From the front of the shop comes the sound of the bell above the door tingling.

Newton Falk: "Ah damn…"  Newton finds his feet with the aid of the Auopilot.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn grabs a small gun from her ankle.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling smiles bitterly and stands up, using the table's edge for support.

Luka Arlexi: Luka stands up unsteadily, holding onto the back of her chair.

Genevieve Sparling: To Rosser, Sparling says, "I carried that envelope for ten years, Catherine. How long do you reckon will it take them to decipher what's inside and use it to end the world?"

Newton Falk: Newton stops in his advance to the door not five feet away.  Turns and cocks his head at the Capt.

Michael Harrel: "With your help, Genevieve, I doubt it will take all that long.  And then they'll begin to reshape the world the way it should be."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn spits.

Newton Falk: Newton leans against the door.

Michael Harrel: "I'm sorry, old friend.  But it's for the best, I see that now.  Tell Pavel… I'm sorry." BANG.  Something smashes against the other side of the door.

Newton Falk: "Oh damn."

Genevieve Sparling: "They truly didn't leave anything left of you, did they?" Sparling unholsters her pistol and pulls back the hammer.

Newton Falk: Newton blearingly wedges the Autopilot between the knob and the door jam.  He turns back with a satified smile.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn shakily stands up. She gives him a thumbs up. It's also shaky.

Michael Harrel: BANG.  Another smash against the door.

Luka Arlexi: "Vell…" Luka's accent is thicker than usual. "This vill be interesting." She hefts the chair, testing its weight.

Newton Falk: Newton looks confused.  "Nope, not gonna hold.  Damn again."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Where's the Captain's thingy… paper thingy?" She aims her gun-thing at Rosser.

Genevieve Sparling: "Let them in, Mr. Falk. If you cooperate, they'll let the rest of you go. Probably."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "You weak pathetic, fool. Hic!"

Newton Falk: "Right, no.  I'm a wanted man Captain, and it ain't cause I'm good company."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "I think we are all wanted men…people…hic"

Newton Falk: "So the door stays shut… as long as I can make it do that. Back doors, now they can open all they want.  Escape tunnel preferable."

Luka Arlexi: Luka looks to the Genevieve. "I believe it is unanimous, Captain. Ve go vhere you go."

Newton Falk: "Or at least, they don't come in."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling never takes her eyes off Rosser, hoping to discern where she hid the envelope in case there's a chance of escape. "The show of solidarity is touching, but unnecessary. They'll have sent three agents. One of them will be a Gentleman. They're not after all of us this time—they're here for the envelope and me, and if you all stand aside they'll let you slip away. They know they can always find you later. Honestly, do I have to make this an order?"

Newton Falk: "You can try."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Capin, noffense, but you don't know that. I'd peffr to all go."

Luka Arlexi: "Besides. I've never hit a Gentleman with a chair before. I can't pass this up." She giggles again.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Thatsa spirit, Henry!" Evelyn stumbles.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling facepalms. "You're all a lot more amenable when you're sober."

Michael Harrel: Click-click.  Rosser has pulled a derringer out of her boot, and is aiming at Newton.  "I don't want to hurt anyone," she says.  "Step away from thet door, lad."

Newton Falk: Newton looks around the room.  "I'm gonna guess.. if she keeps the good bourbon back here… she keeps the really good weapons back here too.  I'm also gonna guess she wasn't forward thinking enough to stash them somewhere else for our visit."  He notices the gun.  "What are you going to do with that, miss?  Ha!  Miss…"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn walks over to Rosser, who isn't paying attention to her, and bonks her on the head. "Lissen up you you strumpet! Where's the envelope? I'll disect you and make you into a croissant dispenser is what I'll do, is what I'll do! I may be crazy and drunk…crazy drunk, but I can invent circles around you! I can invent you into a circle!"

Newton Falk: Newton wedges his chair under the door and begins rummaging through whatever boxes are handy.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Man, you are so short," she says looking down at Rosser and patting her on the head.

Michael Harrel: Blam!  A hole explodes in the top of the door, about three inches in diameter.

Newton Falk: "Luka, help me with this long heavy one.  I have a good feeling about this."

Luka Arlexi: Luka sets down her chair, off to the side, and moves to help him. "If you say so, Newton."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling stays quite still. "Catherine," she tries once more, "if there's another way out of here that my crew can use, please tell me."

Michael Harrel: Rosser doesn't answer Genevieve's question.  Evelyn, annoyed, knocks her out, and then rummages through her clothes.  She finds the envelope tucked into Rosser's stocking.

Michael Harrel: Meanwhile, the door explodes into a thin cloud of splinters.  As it does, Newton uses the Autopilot to pry open a crate, and finds an Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher inside.  As the first humanoid figure emerges from the hole where the door was, Luka smashes it in the face with her chair.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling turns as the door explodes, and thus does not see Dr. Higgenbotham discovering the envelope.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn tucks the envelope down her dress.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Captain," Evelyn says seriously. She puts her hand on her chest, just like how Sparling had done so many times before.

Newton Falk: Newton checks the rocket launcher.  He arms it and hefts it onto his shoulder. Big smile.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling sees and comprehends. She nods her thanks to Higgenbotham.

Michael Harrel: The man that Luka hit a moment ago groans and crawls back into the front of the store.

Luka Arlexi: Luka throws the chair after him.

Michael Harrel: There is a rumbling sound from outside of the shop.

Newton Falk: "Weapons on the ground, assholes.  Not us, the assholes, mind you."

Genevieve Sparling: "I hope for your sake, Mr. Falk, that that was the sound of a tank."

Michael Harrel: From the front of the shop, someone says, "It might behoove you to put down the weapon, Mr. Falk."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Fire!"

Michael Harrel: From beneath the floor, there's a scratching sound.

Newton Falk: Newton has a clearly insane grin on his face. He aims at the front of the shop and fires the rocket.  The recoil throws him back over the table behind him.  Anyone standing behind is most likely singed.

Michael Harrel: The front of the shop erupts in flames.  Anyone within it is surely killed instantly.  There isn't even time for a scream.

Luka Arlexi: Luka checks to see if she still has eyebrows. She does, though her coat is smoking slightly.

Michael Harrel: There is another series of muffled explosions beneath the floor, though there is no apparent effect.

Newton Falk: Newton crawls to the box and gets… another rocket!

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling dusts herself off. "Right. Let's get out of here before the population of Old Sicily gathers to see if there's anything valuable left on the corpses."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Indeed."

Michael Harrel: The whole building shakes, and everyone has the sensation of being lifted upwards.

Luka Arlexi: "Dis… dis is not good."

Newton Falk: "Haha!"  Newton arms the rocket.  "I was hoping they wouldn't go away that easy!"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling glances to the unconscious Rosser. "Wonder what you kept in the basement, old friend."

Newton Falk: "Doc, can you call that robot of yours?  I'd be a shame if the bad guys were the only ones that brought one to the fight."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "If there was only some sort of remote control for the ship," She looks at the Captain, "That would really be helpful, wouldn't it?"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling glowers.

Newton Falk: Newton begins climbing, rocket over shoulder, through the wreckage. "You hear me out there?!?  I'll burn down Sicily if I have to, and you know why?  Cause you started it!"

Michael Harrel: The building continues to lift up: through a hole in the ceiling in the front of the store, Newton can see that a gigantic airship is carrying off the building.

Newton Falk: "Like hell you are!"  He fires through the hole, once again filling the room with smoke.  The rocket arcs up, missing the coupling holding up the building, and slams into the gas bag of the airship.  The bag quickly begin to lose air and the ship begins rapidly descending as well as listing strongly to its left.

The building firmly strikes the ground near it's former resting place and only partially in it's neighbor.

Newton clears some rubble off of himself, finds his feet, finds his Autopilot and hefts another rocket.

Genevieve Sparling: Once Sparling is standing again, she surveys the condition of the building and nods to Newton. "Well done, Mr. Falk."

Newton Falk: "Thank you, Capt… Now what?"

Luka Arlexi: Luka grins and claps him on the shoulder. "Vonderful."

Newton Falk: "Thanks, Luka."  He gives her conspiratorial wink.

Genevieve Sparling: "Now we get back to the ship and make sure it's still in one piece."

Newton Falk: "Aye."  He looks at the rocket.  "Capt.?  Can I keep it?"

Genevieve Sparling: "I dare say you've earned it."

Newton Falk: "Capital."

Luka Arlexi: "Ты так великолепна!" Luka hiccups.

EXT: The crew makes it back to the ship.

Felix already has the engines primed and ready.  "I heard several explosions and saw some smoke in the distance," he says, "so I figured you'd be back soon."

Luka Arlexi: "Привет, Felix!" Luka whistles, heading to the engine room.

Genevieve Sparling: "A safe assumption in most circumstances, Felix. We'll be casting off in three minutes."

Newton Falk: "Felix check out my rocket launcher!"  Newton takes the pilot seat.

Michael Harrel: "I…ah…Oh.  You really have an actual rocket launcher.  Yes, it's very nice."

Newton Falk: "I know! Where we going, I'm still a little drunk, but screw the local regs!"

Michael Harrel: "What course, Captain?"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling doesn't answer right away. Her gaze grows distant…

FLASHBACK. Genevieve is telling Rosser about certain elements of the plan.  Newton, Evelyn, and Luka are getting drunk in the background.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling keeps her voice low. "Pavel has Mechanus covered, and he already contacted Eason, who looks forward to seeing you again, by the way. You need to reach Costa, Agresti, and Onofrio. Tell them to get their units ready. You'll receive a letter inside of a week with the date and nothing more."

Michael Harrel: "Ah, Eason; yes.  Is he still a professor at Jordan College?  I bet his superiors would be shocked to know his extracuricular activity."

Genevieve Sparling: "As if no one else at Jordan College has a deep, dark, un-Enlightened secret they keep from their fellows," Sparling smirks.

Michael Harrel: But it is this mention of Jordan, in retrospect, that causes Sparling to pat her jacket pocket.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: You can see in the background that the talk of Jordan College has interested her. She is eavesdropping now.


Genevieve Sparling: "Take us back north, Felix. We'll need to check in with Pavel again, and I'm not sure I'll like what I find."

Newton Falk: "Back to Coventry?  I wonder if it's too soon to hit the old bar…"

Genevieve Sparling: "As long as you bring a bar with you," Sparling says with a nod to the autopilot, "I'm sure you'll be fine."

Newton Falk: "Aye, Capt.  I hate to drink alone."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling turns to Evelyn. "Dr. Higgenbotham, could I…" She holds out her hand, unwilling to mention the envelope even though the secret is out now.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Oh, right," Evelyn reaches down her dress and fishes around for a bit before removing the envelope with a flourish.

Genevieve Sparling: With the slightest hesitation as she wonders where the envelope resided, Sparling takes it and replaces it in her waistcoat pocket. Visibly relieved, she turns to Rosser, who's still unconscious. "Can you… un-re-educate her, Doctor?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "…I don't kow. I could try."

Genevieve Sparling: "I'd appreciate any effort you could spare. I'd rather not have to shoot her in the head." Sparling leaves Rosser in Higgenbotham's care and goes to the bridge.


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