Episode 3


Technologically speaking, Dublin is behind the times when compared to other European cities. It has no railroad, no steam-cars, and its aeroport is little more than a flattened patch of land. The city has also weathered heavy damage due to the rebellion of '76, when Irish freedom fighters took the city by force, and were subsequently defeated and slaughtered.

Various burnt-out shells of buildings still dot the city-scape. The newly constructed Capital Building, an enormous domed marble structure, towers above the other surviving buildings.

The Aether swings in from the air and lands in the aeroport field. It's trailing smoke, but flyable. The hatch opens, and the crew exit. Doctor Higgenbotham carries a box, purring rather conspicuously, under her arm.

Luka is wiping her hands off with a towel, but is rather greasy from her work. Newton is walking with the assistance of the autopilot.

Genevieve Sparling: "Felix, get Mr. Falk to a physician. Luka and I will accompany the doctor to find our employer and dispose of our… cargo. Meet us at the provisioner in two hours."

Michael Harrel: "Aye sir," says Felix.

Newton Falk: "Aye aye, Capt."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn stops on the ramp. "I wonder if I should take my harpoon gun…"

Genevieve Sparling: "No."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Ignores her. "On one hand…(mumbles)…but…(mumbles)…no. It will not be needed!" She says cheerily. "Let's go!"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling sighs heavily.

MONTAGE. A couple shots of both parties walking through the streets.

FLASHBACK: Luka's past. Ext. The street. A sewer grate is lifted from below and shifted to the side. Daniel climbs out. He looks around, and yells the all clear down the hatch.

Daniel: "All clear!"

Michael Harrel: The young Luka is the next out of the pipes. Daniel helps her up, then they both lean down to help the wounded Matthew up.

Luka Arlexi: Luka peers around. "Where… are we?"

Michael Harrel: They're in the Thieves' Quarter of the city.

The Fox: "Looks like someone is in a bit of a pinch, it does."

Daniel: "Who's there?"

Michael Harrel: A woman is leaning against the wall of a building, looking down at the ground. Her bowler hat is pushed low, hiding her face. She takes off the hat, revealing a head of long, luscious red hair.

The Fox: "You're not smelling so good, chum," she says. "What're you doing hiding in the sewers?"

Matthew Aldridge: Matthew eyes his grandson knowingly, then turns his attention to the woman. "We really should be on our way."

Daniel: Daniel hesitates then smiles weakly and follows, helping Luka.

The Fox: The woman replaces the hat. "Well, fine, fine, just trying to be friendly. You should know that way is barricaded about a block and a half down, though. Crawling with steam cops, it is."

Matthew Aldridge: "Damn."

The Fox: "Ah, so you are looking to avoid the police. Well that's a specialty of mine. You come with me, I'll take you somewhere safe. For a price."

Matthew Aldridge: "A price," Matthew echoes.

The Fox: "You're the ones escaped from the gallows this morning, aren't you? I have something that wants fixing. You repair it, I'll keep you safe. Those're the terms."

Matthew Aldridge: "What makes you think we've any skill with mechanical devices?"

The Fox: "I make my living at knowing things," she says. "Word on the street says you're the same Matthew Aldridge that customized the AgroCogworks Capacitator to power the entire town's farming hydrodynamic irrigation system?"

Matthew Aldridge: "A few minutes with the library's news archives would tell you that. I don't expect it's an irrigation system that needs mending, anyhow."

The Fox: "You're right on that count. So do we have a deal, or no?" She spits in her hand and holds it out to him.

Matthew Aldridge: Matthew eyes the hand suspiciously, then remembers he's wearing gloves, and shakes.

Daniel: Daniel stares.

Luka Arlexi: Luka watches curiously.

CUT TO: The future. OR the present. You know, whatever.

The party with Captain Sparling reaches a large make-shift complex built in the ruins of one of the bombed-out shells of a larger building. The complex in impressive, but made of scavenged materials, and integrating the charred pieces of original architecture wherever possible. The sides of the building are lined with thorns and spikes, and there are a few rough looking men standing outside the door, armed with clubs. This is the place Evelyn was instructed to go.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: She eyes the architechtural genius and appreciates it.

Genevieve Sparling: "What's the password to get into this place, Doctor? 'Wrecking ball'?"

Luka Arlexi: "Friendly looking, isn't it?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn walks right up to the door, ignoring the club-brutes. She knocks, remembering her manners.

Michael Harrel: One of the brutes grabs her by the shoulder. "Hey, you can't just walk right in there. What's your business here?" says one.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Unhand me, Unimportant Variable."

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling stiffens, expecting the worst.

Michael Harrel: The man with the hand on Evelyn's shoulder looks at the second man. "You know what she just called me?"

The second man shakes his head.

The first man turns back to Evelyn. "See here now, you've got to tell me what you're here about. Not just anyone can see the boss."

Luka Arlexi: Luka blinks. "Gregori? Is that you?"

Michael Harrel: The man, surprised, looks at Luka. "Alex?"

Luka Arlexi: "Gregori!" Luka darts over and hugs him.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling relaxes, but is significantly more confused than she was a moment ago.

Michael Harrel: He seems to forget about Evelyn completely. "We thought you were dead and buried!"

Luka Arlexi: "No, no, I've just been… well, elsewhere."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Using this distraction, Evelyn walks inside.

Genevieve Sparling: After debating her options, Sparling follows the doctor.

Michael Harrel: The second man, as confused as the captain, lets them pass.

Luka Arlexi: Luka grins.

Michael Harrel: "Well don't worry, we won't tell no one."

Luka Arlexi: "Thanks." Luka looks over the building again. "Nice set-up you got here."

Michael Harrel: "Yeah, well, it's coming along. We do a good business."

Michael Harrel: The second man says: "In bad business."

Michael Harrel: "Right."

Luka Arlexi: "Ha! Of course. So who is it you're working for now, anyway?"

Michael Harrel: Gregori grins. "You should go on in and see," he says.

Luka Arlexi: Luka nods, waves at the other man, and follows the other two inside.

Luka Arlexi: "Take care! Don't get caught!"

CUT TO: INT. The complex. Evelyn and Genevieve are at the end of a hallway, in front of a door, at which Genevieve is knocking.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn is looking around. She's whispering to herself, "As far as I can tell, the primitives have set up a local ne'er-do-goodery station… interesting."

Michael Harrel: The door opens to another mook with a gun raised. He looks at them a moment, then steps aside.

Genevieve Sparling: "Our kind of place."

Michael Harrel: They enter into a wide, low-ceilinged room, with three doors: two to the west and one to the north. Both the doors to the west lead to hallways; the door to the north leads to a room barely bigger than a closet, in which we see a plump man on an antique typewriter. In the main room, sunlight shines from a source above, revealing the large amount of dust in the air. The room is cluttered with aspirations of wealth: it can be conceived that each item the room has been discarded by someone of actual affluence, then passing through several hands before arriving in the office. The floor is made of earth: the walls are make-shift, one of aluminum plating, one of bare wood, and another covered with a patchwork of once-elegant wallpaper designs. The most prominent feature of the room is the large desk at the eastern end. Though covered in dust itself and in desperate need of a polish, the desk is obviously the prize of its owner; large, solid, and impressive. It sits on a large stained oriental rug, and is surrounded by file cabinets, shelves, and bric-a-brac. The top of the desk is also cluttered with papers and exotic paperweights, file folders and writing utensils. Perhaps most prominent is an antique apple-peeler affixed to the north end of the desk, and in which a half-peeled green apple rests. Behind the desk is an old leather chair, probably comfortable once but now more an idea of a comfy chair than the real thing. It too is covered in dust and grime.

Four or five hooligans populate the western wall. They are large, their faces are weathered and scarred. Each of them wears a gun holstered at his side, and one of them has a rifle. Three of them are bearded. In all, not a crew one would want to mess with.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Hm…how to speak their language? Hm…" Evelyn muses to herself.

Genevieve Sparling: "I believe their language involves guns, Doctor. Shame we didn't bring Newton."

Michael Harrel: At the main desk, in the idea of the comfortable chair, is an attracitve woman in her mid to late forties. Her red hair is streaked with grey in places, and on her head she wears a bowler hat. She's reading some papers while reclining with her boots propped on the desk.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn walks up to her, "You there, Fox. I have your box." Then she giggles at the rhyme.

The Fox: The woman lowers her papers, raising an eyebrow. "And who might you be?" she says.

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Nevermind that. Don't open it without proper supervision," she says. "Oh, also, give us our money now."

The Fox: "What's in the box, then?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Bugs."

Genevieve Sparling: "Trouble."

Luka Arlexi says: "Both."

Michael Harrel: At the sound of Luka's voice, the woman turns her attention from Evelyn.

Luka Arlexi: Luka grins. "Been awhile, huh?"

The Fox: "…Alexandra?"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling looks from the Fox to Luka. "Is there anyone here you don't know?"

Luka Arlexi: Luka nods at Fox, and shrugs at Genevieve. "I don't know the other four people we've run into, Captain."

The Fox: "The bug. Thank you," says the Fox to Evelyn. "I believe 200 bolts was the price?"

Genevieve Sparling: She clears her throat. "My crewmember has neglected to mention the… difficulties we had on the way here. It seems your shipment attracted some interest from the Enlightenment, and we sustained no small amount of damage on our way. Since we still managed to arrive ahead of schedule, perhaps a small gratuity would be in order."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Plus, they stole some of my gears."

Michael Harrel: Roll(3d6)+0:

Genevieve Sparling: Roll(3d6)+0:

The Fox: "And I assume the enlightenment interest had nothing to do with the fact that you were harboring Alexandra Romanov, a known fugitive since age 8, on board your ship?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "8? That's impressive," Evelyn says looking back at Luka.

Luka Arlexi: Luka shrugs. "If I knew how I'd managed it, I'd tell you."

Michael Harrel: After an awkward silence, the deal is set for the original price.

Genevieve Sparling: "Right. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Doctor, don't forget to take your beacon." Sparling looks to the plump man. "You might want to hide that typewriter."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "Oh, right, the beacon." Evelyn reaches for it. "Can't forget that now, can I?"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling keeps her eyes on the Fox. "No indeed."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: "What a loss if I had, ohohoho," she chuckles. She grasps the beacon. And takes it. And turns it off.

Michael Harrel: There is a scratching inside the box, as if the bugs inside are somewhat confused.

The Fox: "Now, if you'll excuse me," says Fox, pointedly not looking at Luka, "I'm a busy woman, with much to do."

Genevieve Sparling: "Of course. Ladies, we'd best be on our way."

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: Evelyn turns and walks out the door, cradling her beacon.

Luka Arlexi: "Ha. As always." Luka turns to go.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling exits the room.

Michael Harrel: As they exit, we have a past the Fox's face to Luka walking out of the door. The Fox's eyes look sad, and worried. The door shuts behind Luka.

CUT TO: Felix and Newton at the hospital.

Newton Falk: "Keep pushing Felix! The bastards are catching up!"

Newton Falk: "You can't walk out on a hospital bill!" Felix screams as he pushes the gurney down the hall.
"Oh course you can," Newton replies pushing an elderly man away with the Autopilot. "I do it all the time at bars!"

CUT TO: The three women, walking out of the compound. Luka is waving goodbye to Gregori.

Luka Arlexi: "Don't get into too much trouble, Gregori. You know I hate missing out on the fun."

Michael Harrel: "Nothing the Fox won't buy my way out of, Alex. You take care of yourself."

Luka Arlexi: Luka hugs Gregori again, and then catches up with Genevieve and Evelyn. "Uh, Captain? Are we going to be in town for a few days?"

Genevieve Sparling: "Until the Aether is back to normal, yes."

Luka Arlexi: "Right. There's something I need to check on, once I've gotten some work done."

Genevieve Sparling: "Of course."

Luka Arlexi: Luka looks back over her shoulder at the Fox's hideout.

CUT TO: The Aether. There is a gurney parked outside.

Newton Falk: "We ready to go? I'm sure ready, you guys?"

Luka Arlexi: "Uh…" Luka looks over at the portions of the ship that are still smoking. "I'm going to go with, 'No.'"

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling eyes the gurney. "First MIGDMP and now collection agents."

Newton Falk: "Can't find you if you don't use your own ID, Capt."

Michael Harrel: "Remind me never to get sick in this town," says Felix, removing various bottles of painkillers and antibiotics from the many pockets of his coat.

Genevieve Sparling: "I knew there was a reason we got those documents."

Newton Falk: "You never know when you're going to need to be…" He looks in his wallet. "Dennis Cartwright."

Luka Arlexi: Luka snickers slightly, distracted.

Michael Harrel: "Yeah," says Felix. "And I got to be…." He checks his papers. "…Alexander Romanov?"

Luka Arlexi: "Alexandra," Luka corrects him. She blinks. "Wait… what?"

Genevieve Sparling: Glances at Luka.

Michael Harrel: "That's what it says here," says Felix.

Luka Arlexi: "Where did you get that?" Luka tries to snatch the papers to get a good look at them.

Michael Harrel: "Hell, we've had that pile of ids since three jobs ago. We got it from that guy in Florence; he said they came from some guy he knew in Sicily."

Newton Falk: "The government likes making paperwork, sometimes they make too much." Pops a pill.

Luka Arlexi: "Sorry I asked. You might not want to use that one anymore, though."

Genevieve Sparling: "Yes… I expect it's been worn out by now."

Luka Arlexi: "Something like that."

Newton Falk: "That's cool, Dennis was starting to get a bit of a reputation too."

Genevieve Sparling: "Well, I suppose you'll both be staying out of sight for the remainder of our stay in Dublin."

Michael Harrel: "So, when do we leave?" says Felix. "And where to?"

Genevieve Sparling: "When we can lift off without the danger of falling through a hole in the ship."

Newton Falk: Looks down, shuffles sideways away from the hole.

Luka Arlexi: "I'll need at least a few days to get everything in order with the engines, especially with the way we fried out the main compaciter and the strain the hinges took on the rear flaps during the freefall."

Newton Falk: "I think we're out of left too. I had some trouble getting here because of that."

CUT TO: INT. The engine room. Luka is working on the engine. It's late at night.

At the window, there's a clatter as a handful of stones hits the glass.

Luka Arlexi: Luka looks up, puzzled, and goes over to investigate.

Michael Harrel: In the grass outside the ship, Luka sees the large form of Gregori, getting ready to throw the next handful of small stones.

Luka Arlexi: "Hsst! What?"

Michael Harrel: "Sorry to interrupt, Alex, but I need a word with you, and quietly."

Luka Arlexi: Luka leans out of the window, looking around. "I'll be down in a minute."

CUT TO: EXT. The field. Luka walks up to where Gregori is waiting, in the shadow of the Aether.

Luka Arlexi: "Is this about Danny?"

Michael Harrel: Gregori nods. "I thought Fox would tell you, but she doesn't want you involved. I thought you should know anyway."

Luka Arlexi: "I thought something was up. This guy who was after me mentioned Daniel, so…" Luka sighs.

Michael Harrel: "He's been taken, Luka…by the…" (His voice lowers to a whisper.) "… by the gentlemen."

Luka Arlexi: "WHAT?!" Luka catches herself, lowering her voice. "What?! Where? How?"

Michael Harrel: "He was on his way to meet with Fox. They say his ship went down in the middle of the channel, all hands lost. But we found out better. He's been charged with giving medical aid to an enemy of the state, and taken to a reeducation center."

Luka Arlexi: "Do you know which one?"

Michael Harrel: Gregori nods. "It's on the Isle of Man."

Luka Arlexi: Luka nods. "Thanks, Gregori."

Michael Harrel: "We're trying to figure out how to get in there and get him out, before…" his voice trails off. "Somehow those bugs you brought are part of it. Anyway. I thought you'd want to know."

Luka Arlexi: "Heh. Fox should have known she couldn't keep me away from this." Luka shakes her head and smiles. "Insane rescue missions run in my family."

Michael Harrel: "She'll be angry if she knows I told you," he says.

Luka Arlexi: "I won't mention it, then. I don't want to get you into any trouble. Well, without paying you." Luka smiles wryly.

Michael Harrel: "I know you and he were fightin' last you saw him, what with your grandfather and all. But I thought you'd want to know."

Luka Arlexi: Luka nods.

Michael Harrel: "Anyway. I best be getting back to the complex. If you want part of the mission, we'll be heading to the Isle in four days."

Luka Arlexi: "Right. I'll let you know what I'm up to. And thanks again."

Michael Harrel: "Not a problem. As long as Fox don't find out. Be seein' ya, Alex."

Luka Arlexi: "Bye, Gregori." Luka hugs him again, and then jogs back to the ship.

Michael Harrel: Gregori heads off into the night.



Luka Arlexi: "You did WHAT with the dynamite?"

Michael Harrel: Three steam-guards stand in a circle, as a police detective dusts a hospital gurney for fingerprints.

Genevieve Sparling: Sparling is in a pub, trying to find a potential employer. She sits facing an elderly, sallow-faced man, and says, "We'll ship anything but corpses." The man is taken aback and says, "Not even for scientific research?"

"Dr" Evelyn Higgenbotham: You see a flash of Evelyn's nude back. (MAYBE YOU'LL SEE BOOBIES!!!! TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!)

Newton Falk: You see a flash of Newton's back, he turns and nods.

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